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    Databases marked with ** suffix are not public yet.
    Access requires user login.

Get Any:

    Enter terms, genes, ID numbers in the Get Any field.
    Use * or ? wildcards (Cyp*a?, synap*).
    Use Combined for terms such as tyrosine kinase.



 Search Equation Samples and User Guide (Nov 2009)

  Enter words, identifiers, or advanced commands in the Get Any or Combined
  search fields. Some examples to test:
  • position=(chr1 25 30) finds genes, markers, or transcripts from chromosome 1 between 25 and 30 Mb
  • mean=(15 16) LRS=(23 46) in the Combined field finds highly expressed genes (15 to 16 log2 units) AND with peak LRS linkage between 23 and 46
  • rif=mitochondrial searches RNA databases for GeneRIF links
  • wiki=nicotine searches GeneWiki for genes that you or other users have annotated with the word nicotine
  • GO:0045202 searches for synapse-associated genes listed in the Gene Ontology
  • GO:0045202 LRS=(9 99 Chr4 122 155) cisLRS=(9 99 10)
    in Combined finds synapse-associated genes with cis eQTL on Chr 4 from 122 and 155 Mb with LRS scores from 9 to 99.

Getting Started   

  1. Select Species (or select All)
  2. Select Group (a specific sample)
  3. Select Type of data:
    • Phenotype (traits)
    • Genotype (markers)
    • Expression (mRNAs)
  4. Select a Database
  5. Enter search terms in the Any or All field: words, genes, ID numbers, probes, advanced search commands
  6. Click on the Search button
  7. Optional: Use the Make Default button to save your preferences
  8. Optional: Try Advanced Search


How to Use GeneNetwork

Take a 20-40 minute GeneNetwork Tour that includes screen shots and typical steps in the analysis.

For information about resources and methods, select the INFO buttons.

Try the Test site to explore data and features that are being implemented.

Review the Conditions and Contacts pages for information on the status of data sets and advice on their use and citation.

History and Archive

GeneNetwork's Time Machine links to earlier versions that correspond to specific publication dates.

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